Abrupt End Means Lack of Closure for University Students

Celebrations cancelled
University usually finishes with a big celebration at the end of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. There is usually a formal graduation ceremony and celebratory meal with family, along with the obligatory photo shot. And there is also usually the celebration with friends at the end of all the hard work, to say your goodbyes before you all head off on your separate ways. The current COVID-19 pandemic has put paid to these rites of passage. Lockdown meant lectures on campus were cancelled and moved online. There was no late nights in the library, cramming before going into the exam hall. Libraries were closed, electronic books and journals had to be used and exams had to be completed online. Graduations have been cancelled or at least postponed. There were no goodbye celebrations with friends, many students heading off to parental homes during lockdown. There was a distant lack of closure for university students. 

Future plans back on track

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Academic translation of your thesis

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