Investment Options in Australia – Top Tips

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If you are looking for a wise investment in Australia, there is much to consider. Are you looking for a short or long-term investment? How much of a risk are you prepared to take? These questions need to be addressed when considering making an investment, and with that in mind, here are some options that are worth further investigation. 

  • Gold Coins – Aside from gold bullion, there are numerous gold coins that make for an equally sound investment. The American Buffalo and Canadian Maple Leaf are both globally recognised and are recommended, while some gold coins such as the American Gold Eagle and the Krugerrand are not pure gold, but rather an alloy, with 91.7% purity. If you wish to add a few gold coins to your collection, an online search will take you to an established gold bullion dealer who can facilitate the acquisition.

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  • Gold Bullion – Gold has long been a solid investment and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon. You may want to buy gold Adelaide investors acquire from City Gold Bullion, who are one of Australia’s leading gold bullion merchants and have the best prices. Gold is a popular asset to hold as a hedge against inflation, and with the fluctuating global currencies, many shrewd investors have moved a portion of their wealth into the precious yellow metal we know as gold. Some gold bullion dealers will actually deliver the product to you, which is very convenient, and they can be found with an online search. Gold bars come in an assortment of sizes, ranging from a single ounce to the 1,000 gram gold bar that is most common among investors. The largest gold bar is the Good Delivery gold bar, which could weight anything between 11-13 kilogrammes and is the preferred size for banks and other financial institutions.

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  • Property – If you are looking for a long-term investment, buying a rental property can lead to handsome profits, although a great deal of research is needed when contemplating buying to let. There are many legal liabilities for a property landlord, and the cost of purchasing and possibly renovating the house must be taken into consideration. If you buy in the right suburbs of Perth or Brisbane, for example, you can expect to receive high rentals and with land prices steadily rising, property can be a sound investment. Most people who are in real estate investment would enlist the services of an established property management company, who can ensure that the house is always in good order, while also taking responsibility for screening tenants.
  • Gold Jewellery – Buying gold jewellery gives you the added bonus of being able to wear your wealth, and providing you keep it in a safe place when not in use, your asset will appreciate in value. Antique gold jewellery has an added value to it, which can be attractive, if you know enough about antiques, that is.

Whether you decide to purchase gold bullion or coins, investing in gold is an attractive proposition and with online gold bullion dealers, making a gold acquisition has never been easier. Of course, there are many other forms of investments, such as diamonds and other precious stones, and you are advised to do some online research if you are thinking of making any type of serious investment, which minimizes the risk.


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